What Real People Are Saying About Us!

We had a fantastic experience!! All the staff is extremely courteous, caring, and so nice! They each made my daughter feel special! They made her feel like they knew her forever even though she just started coming to this office. I want to mention Denise- she worked with us from the beginning. She made my daughter feel comfortable about getting braces and even made it into a fun and cool thing- she told her that it would be her new "jewelry." She was so patient and understanding of how this is a big change for my daughter and took the time to explain everything in such a kind and caring way. My daughter left the office saying that she loves Denise. I couldn't be happier! I definitely recommend Dr Rubin as an Orthodontist of choice !!

                                                         Nechama Langer

Dr. Rubin and his staff are always friendly and comforting. I looked forward to every single appointment because I knew that one day I would have a beautiful smile thanks to them. Only a year and a half later, the day I got my braces off was the happiest day of my life! Thank you Rubin Orthodontics !

                                                         Abigail Feliciano

We have just begun the process with my 8 year old son. He is extremely sensitive and fearful. I wasn't sure he would cooperate at all. Denise was amazing with him. She put him at ease, and engaged him in such a great way.. I'm very appreciative.

                                                         Nesanel Rhor

It was awesome!~ Everyone that works there is accomodating and courteous. I'm so happy I got my braces put on !!

                                                         Yosef Zakai

I really appreciate Dr Rubin for helping me and my daughter towards getting the perfect teeth she wants. His work and dedication is appreciated from us. Thankyou Dr, Rubin I will recommend my friends and family to you in the future

                                                         Denaya Davis

My name is Phillipia, and before I was recommended to Dr. Rubin, I was a very insecure individual, afraid to smile in public and very afraid to go out to dinner with anyone. My teeth were so horrible, but Dr. Rubin changed all of that. He assured me that he will take care of my smile. And he sure did! Three years later I can truly say that he was the best choice I made, because Dr. Rubin changed my life completely. I am not afraid anymore to smile in public. I feel beautiful. Thanks, Dr. Rubin! Three years can definitely change your life! It changed mine!

                                                         Philipia Francis

My experience with Dr. Rubin and his staff was wonderful. Always kind and with a smile. They answered any questions I had. They didn’t get frustrated with me, even if I broke my braces many times. When my sister gets braces, she will also be coming here.

                                                         Valery J

Well, when I first came here and they told me that I needed braces, I was upset because I thought that having braces would be the worst thing ever. But as months passed by, I realized a change in my teeth and now I’m happy to have had braces put on because now when I smile, I feel confident in myself. Now I know that I have a perfect smile, thanks to Dr. Rubin!

                                                         Daniela Z

I never thought my daughter’s smile would be so joyful to see until she took off her braces. Even though she hated them in the beginning, she realized that wearing them will better her appearance. Thank you, Dr. Rubin, for pushing her to stop sucking her thumb and getting straighter teeth.


I always loved coming here to Dr. Rubin’s, because I knew how amazing my teeth would come out afterwards. I’m really happy with what the results were. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

                                                         Rachel S