Meet Dr. Nathan Rubin

I first became interested in Dentistry when  I worked as a dental lab tech in the US Navy during WWll. When I kept asking my superiors questions about why things are done a certain way, they finally said, “Maybe you should go to dental school and find the answers to your questions!” So upon finishing my tour of duty in the Navy, I enrolled in the New York University.  I received my BA, my DDS and my specialization in orthodontics all from NYU. I began our orthodontic practice in Rockaway Park.  When my son Robert, decided to go to dental school after college, I was thrilled.  And then when he became an orthodontist, it was even more exciting.

Dr. Robert Rubin first joined me part-time while he started his own practice in Far Rockaway.  In 2004, we decided to merge the two practices and located it at its present location: 833 Central Avenue in Far Rockaway. This was a really great move for me.  I now had the fun of practicing orthodontics without the headaches of managing the business.  My son, Dr Junior, as the staff call him, took all those headaches from me.  In total, we have been together for over 30 wonderful years!

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